Friday, June 29, 2012

Mini- Fundraising Friday Update

Running update J

Monday: I suppose it goes without saying that Monday was a lot cooler then today’s temperatures.  I should have ran 20 miles on Monday to carry over the rest of this week’s hot temperatures J  I did just want to change up my routine a little bit once I got running and decided a little hill workout might be interesting to throw in the mix.  I kinda wanted the sense to be sore and feel pain (weird I know)..but I just wanted to “feel” like I was pushing myself in the mix of things.  I went to a cemetery a little bit down the road from our house.  I ran about 15 minutes prior to going there…mind you it was a smaller hill (I don’t want to be stupid here)..and I chose to do 7 hill repeats… why not…it’s our lucky number and it sounded good J  So I did those while cooling down with the loop around.  I than ran about 15 minutes to cool down to make a total run of about 40 minutes.
Tuesday:  Ran about 5 1/2 miles, and yes my legs are sore J  I suppose I was successful in that venture. 
Wednesday:  Ran about 5 miles (same old same old) J  I wish I had thought to take my running stuff with me as I was in Charleston for a work event and a chance of scenery with a run along the river would have been so nice!

Thursday:  Mom came to visit J  We went out to dinner and enjoyed the evening.  Mom and I walked for about 3 miles on the road, so I suppose I’ll have to let this day slide for a running day. 

I OFFICIALLY got the registration number to sign up for the marathon…so its official….My name is on the roster for the NYC marathon!  (Yikes..I’m nervous)
We also heard from our Team Fox Coach this week….they have an 18 week training scheduled put together for us to help us with our training effort.  It officially starts July 2nd, so I’m really looking forward to someone now telling me what to do.  (can’t you tell I’m a coach’s kid?).  Hopefully I have built a little bit of “base mileage” and ready to feel like I can do this again and use the actual word TRAINING.  One of the first things too we are looking to do is get a “GOAL” for finish time for the marathon, I almost don’t even know how to approach it…so we’ll work on that. 

To keep with the “Fundraising Friday” theme I introduced awhile back ago…I did want to give a little update. 
Our Total on the Fundraising Page right now is:  $2829.84

I am currently in 4th place for the NYC marathon Team of Team Fox….so we are in the midst of getting some plans set!  I have more details to come…. But have completely ran out of time today, but wanted to check in with everyone! J

Check back on Monday for some more updates!  
I hope everyone has a great weekend….and get out there and do something….
(well…when it cools down) J 

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