Friday, August 3, 2012

Spread the Word!

The weeks just fly by sometimes with all these to do lists I have created!  Friday has snuck up and I was hoping I’d had another blog post on here J
I’ve got lots of info to share, so prepare yourself!
Team Spangler Shirts are designed and ready to be printed, so get your order in by August 8th for our first order submission (don't worry if you can't yet...we'll have more)  We need to get the first order in by the 8th so we can have them ready by the Parkersburg Half Marathon comign up and all the Team Spangler runners/walkers who watn them to wear for the big day!

Back Up Close...  "We Run for those who can no longer Run Themselves"
Inside the letters are motivational words dad has encouraged us with through the years

You can order them by E-mailing me at , we have order forms at the Ritchei County fair too.  Each Shirt is $15 with all proceeds going towards our fundraising campaign! Also...if we need to mail the shirts...we may need to add $5 to help with shipping...I can cram several in there for that price :) Also..make checks out to "Team Spangler/Missy Spangler" and you can mail them to  Missy Spangler/ Team Spangler P.O. Box 403 Ripley, WV 25271
We’ve had a big week of planning activites for raising money.  Last night, today and tomorrow we have a tent set up at the Ritchie County Fair to spread the word about Team Spangler for Team Fox, we have items of information, donation sheets, T-shirt order forms, cupcakes, Team Fox color Mardi Gras beads, light bracelets, and MORE!  So Stop on by and see us…. 

Don’t forget to sign Dad’s Card for us to take back to him too so we can show him how big Team Spangler is!

As far as the training goes... well I’ve been running J 
Tuesday- Ran around 45 minutes on the road…to the dairy barn and back J
Wednesday- It was a fun run day!  I headed out to Ritchie County and ran with the high school cross country team on the Rails to Trails.  I can’t believe how long it’s been since I’ve been there!  It seemed in high school we lived on it! J  I didn’t get to the “speed workout” aspect of the workout on Tuesday so I tried to sneak some of it into today and do 6 200’s “faster than usual”.  I won’t call it sprinting because I don’t think my pace was much of a sprint J

Thursday- Got a little run of about 20 minutes snuck in with a little core workout.  My training is a little off of schedule this week, but getting it all in.  My long run will probably have to be on Sunday instead of Saturday as it’s a 2 hour run.
I’m off to the fair this evening and tomorrow, so if anyone is up for doing laps around the 4-H grounds with me let me know! J

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