Thursday, April 11, 2013

Orange City Lights...Big City

Orange City Lights…Big City

I’ve always loved to travel….just say the word and I’m working on a way to make it happen J  Team Fox Hosts a MVP Dinner each year in the city that never sleeps….the big apple…you know..New York City!!!! 
With the help of everyone last year and our fundraising level we achieved (which may I remind you was $10,801) we received an invite to this event to be held at Gotham Hall.  At first I was hesitant at going (only because I felt it might be “irresponsible” due to the Vancouver trip coming up quickly)….. BUT….I told mom if she would go I would go (and the help of peer pressure from some of her friends)….  I think it’s important to stay surrounded by this group that have become more like an extended family to us over the past year and surrounded by others who care as much about Parkinsons Disease as we do.
We leave bright and early tomorrow morning to arrive hopefully in time to make the Research Round Table they host with the dinner tomorrow evening at 6:30 (with Yes Michael J. Fox himself there) for those who have asked me J  I watched a video of last year’s dinner (Primarily because I was having a slight girl moment realizing I need to know “what to wear”)  He ended his speech with something that quite frankly brings a few tears to my eyes….  “When leaving tonight look up at the Empire State Building you’ll see our colors up there….and I’ll always keep looking up”…..  For many of you…you may realize that is the title of one of his books….but to many always looking up means so much to where this foundation has gotten all of us.
Here is a link to the video if you'd like to see click... MVP Dinner
You see, in honor of Michael J Fox Foundation and the City of New York (which I’m assuming and hoping it will be the same) the Empire State Building shines “orange” honoring the colors of the foundation…..and it serves as a good reason for us all to keep looking up…..
I hope so much not only for my dad but for so many others we find a cure for this disease, we find a reason, and we find understanding…because there will be a room full of people there that I know now will make that happen and I can’t wait to share the night with them and my mom who has been the biggest fighter for my dad….So NYC watch out…you’ve got a amazing group coming to town!


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