Wednesday, March 14, 2012

2 roads diverged in a woods & I took the wrong one

I think I definitely jinxed myself on Monday about getting lost running on the new farm trail invite I had.  I merely was trying to have a sense of humor and found myself about a mile down a gravel road when I finally discovered that wasn’t the way I’d come.

            I decided I’d make a change of surroundings yesterday and try out these log trails my neighbor told me about.   Don’t worry I took my little 4 legged friend with me to try to wear him out a little bit.  I had intentions of running around 30-35 minutes while discovering a new route and getting the puppy back home.  Apparently I was enjoying the scenery a little too much and not paying close attention to which divides I took on the trail.  We got back past a little cabin they have on the property and I just kept running on a lightly graveled road taking it all in.  I then came upon another cabin that I positively knew I didn’t pass along my route.  The puppy didn’t seem to notice as he was to busy being entertained by chasing squirrels that darted out in front of him or enjoying every appealing mud puddle to roll and splash in. 
So, we turned around and ran back up the hill to try to discover where I took the wrong turn at. We were probably around a mile off course, I won’t complain though, it was the perfect day to get a little extra running in J  I feel bad though, my neighbors are probably going to have to drag me off their trails after discovering them to avoid running along the road.
 I have to admit, most of you that know me know I have a random sense of humor.  Brock left the Animal Planet TV Channel on this past weekend and either it being I was too lazy to turn the channel or I couldn’t seem to pry myself away from watching it, but “Finding Bigfoot” was on.  They were searching different woods from reports of Big Foot sightings within the “sasquatchy” areas.   When Brock asked how the run was I simply responded with “it’s a very sasquatchy area” (in my weird thought process it did cross my mind when running) J.  I do have to confess, I don’t think these trail runs are the right terrain for the streets of NYC training, but I also tried to describe it as “Rocky” (movie) style of training for when he was in the secluded woods of Russia training for the big fight.  Next time I reach the top of the hill I’ll see how I feel about shouting “Adrian” to get my adrenalin pumping to keep going. 
I suppose the best remedy for a “rough” day on Monday would be a humorous day on Tuesday J  Laughter is as they say, the best medicine. 

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